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Who is Reiko#3333 and why do people want him in jail ...


Somebody on /r9k/ began posting a link to a trap Discord (online .... 4chan so you know you're dealing with the best society has to offer.

Moot On 4Chan User Survey: "It's Total Garbage." | TechCrunch


Dec 27, 2010 ... While if anyone is going to skew a survey it's 4Chan users, the Google ... Over 18, ” and “Time spent on 4Chan: 24+” to help trap the trolls.

Programming socks : ProgrammerHumor


It took this long for reddit to catch on to 4chan's memes? ... Are you telling me you wasted your chance to get free karma for posting this meme from 4chan?

Interesting thoughts on how Ripple is a trap made by banks : btc


Interesting thoughts on how Ripple is a trap made by banks (imgur.com) ..... If someone is using triple parentheses in 4chan, ignore them.

The Harvard Professor and the Paternity Trap

https://news.google.com/.../ CBMiW2h0dHBzOi8vd3d3LnRoZWN1dC5jb20vMjAxOS8wNy9icnVjZS...

Jul 23, 2019 ... A chance encounter left Harvard professor Bruce Hay homeless, out of work, and buried in litigation with Maria-Pia Shuman and Mischa Haider ...

TRAP: transgender subjectivity in digital music production | HASTAC

feedproxy.google.com/.../trap-transgender-subjectivity-digital-music- production

May 13, 2015 ... It does, and doesn't, “trap” like the 4chan-generated TRAP imaginary of trans women or futunari as traps, deceivers or make-believers, depicted ...

Gunnit Rust Tier I: IT'S A (solvent) TRAP! : guns


... facebook/instagram/twitter/4chan content, petitions, low-effort links, or the like. .... It's amazing that the only difference between a "solvent trap" and a .... IMO a solvent trap kit with a threaded adapter and end cap both with ...

Package Thief vs. Glitter Bomb Trap : instant_regret


Dec 17, 2018 ... Using fox urine would likely be considered a booby trap, which is illegal. ..... So the take away here is that if you're going to booby trap a ...

'trap' is a banned word in OWL chat. Tried to explain that I think ...


May 17, 2018 ... Tried to explain that I think junkrat re-placed his trap just as tracer ...... whats really funny about all this is 4chan wanted it, if pepe is evil the rest ...

What's the deal with /r9k/ and a trap blackmailing ring ...


Since it's 4chan, I'd say it's probably a made up story. Wait until more information pops up.

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